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Global Family

“Friendship is the biggest gift of life”

5 years  | 21 nationalities | Countless new friendships forged!

Everyone who joins us at Shanghai Summer School forms part of the Shanghai Summer School story. This also means that every installation of Shanghai Summer School is unique!

Over the past years, almost 400 participants from 21 different countries have attended Shanghai Summer School. Everyone, both the participants and the organizers, share a common desire to create new friendships.

Unforgettable memories that will be created during the one month experience will bring all of us from all over the world together for life, making us a Global family.

Despite the size of Shanghai, it is every individual who joins us and becomes part of our Global Family, who actually creates the summer experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives.


Jure, 24

You know some watch Hollywood movies about crazy holidays, while others experience it at the Shanghai Summer School. That’s why I joined summer school twice! 

Karmen, 21

Applying for Shanghai Summer School was definitely one of my best decisions. Shanghai is a city that challenges you to become something better, it lets you dream. It’s a city that literally never sleeps! Thank you for letting me experience a crazy summer surrounded by the best company!

Luca, 27

A unique experience that expands your horizons. It’s only in Shanghai that you get to feel how big the world actually is.

Petra, 26

In the full sense of a “crazy” experience. There is no better way to experience the diversity of Asia than in the company of crazy peers. Maybe it will also change your view of the world. Who knows?

Programme of Shanghai Summer School 2019 will be announced on 1st of December.
Applications close on 31st of May. APPLY HERE