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上海 – Shanghai

Its 25 million inhabitants make Shanghai one of the world’s biggest cities.

With a metro system covering 588 kilometres, Shanghai is home to the world’s largest rapid transit system by route length. Over 10 million people use the metro on an average workday.

Besides Tokyo, Shanghai is known as the safest metropolis city in the world.

Due to its diversity, unique nightlife and glamour, people often refer to Shanghai as the “Paris of the East”.

The literal translation of “Shang Hai” is “City Above the Sea”.

Shanghai is an extremely tourist-friendly city, thanks to its welcoming locals!

Far away in a distant land, well beyond the known,
they say there is a city like no other.

For many, it is a place where dreams come true and for many more, it is a place of hope. Like the early light of a new day, Shanghai stands proud on the verge of tomorrow.

A turbulent history and its recent unparalleled rise gave this huge Chinese metropolis its characteristic vibe. From the glamorous capital of the orient to the modern mega-city, Shanghai is a true Chinese dragon. On the cutting edge of technology, it offers countless opportunities to foster new ideas and initiatives.

Numerous high-rise buildings juxtaposed alongside ancient homes reflect four generations and infinite life paths living hand-in-hand. Diversity and openness are rooted in Shanghai’s foundations.



During the day Shanghai is all about business – bustling with commercial activity. It’s not called the finance and business center of China for nothing.

But when day turns into night, Shanghai lights up and comes to life in all its full glory. Nocturnal Shanghai is something else.

“Every story has a hero and the hero of Shanghai’s tale are its people.”

Shanghai’s high-rises are not there by coincidence. They stand as testimony to the endless imagination and hard work of people just like you and me – people determined to make a change. Watching the skyscrapers of Pudong rise above the Huangpu river gives us the shivers every single time. We want you to experience that with us.  

Shanghai Summer School is a Global Family driven experience. Because like the city of Shanghai, Shanghai Summer School is all about the people.

Programme of Shanghai Summer School 2019 will be announced on 1st of December.
Applications close on 31st of May. APPLY HERE