January 2018

The first questions my friends ask when I tell them about how I spent my summer in China as a participant of the Shanghai Summer School and travelling around China are often not about what I saw and did, but “How did you travel around China without speaking a word of Mandarin? Is it even possible?”, followed by a comment along the lines of how extraordinary and brave I was to attempt to do so. Well yes, and thank you

By @petragingera, Shanghai Summer School Alumni 2017   I am sitting onboard the Shanghai-Guilin high-speed train (which by the way, is a technological marvel that goes up to 306km/h, making it one of the world’s fastest!), speeding by the countryside of Jiangxi Province. With only one week out of our month-long Shanghai Summer School journey to go, my friends and I were finishing the last of the pâté we had brought from home. We were also trying out some random Chinese snacks we had