May 2018

Elias is a student coming from Munich, Germany. He’s the last one to share about his Shanghai Summer School experience before application period closes down. Before joining summer school Elias didn’t know what to expect. The experience opened his horizons and helped him to get a job at a Swiss multinational. He’s now doing his best to be able to move back to Shanghai.   1: What made you apply for Shanghai Summer School? I didn’t plan on applying for Shanghai Summer School. I

Hidden Shanghai Stories: Cities in their essence are the interweaving of aspirations, dreams and memories. Its buildings, its parks, its statues, etc., are memorials of its past and present efforts. As such, cities are more than just a population of people but are in fact the stories of its people engraved into the landscape itself. Mass tourism, in this aspect, misses the essence of travelling and offers nothing more than a superficial visit of top tourist sites. Shanghai Summer School was

Eva from Austria is the next Global Family member to share about her experience at Shanghai Summer School. When Eva joined Shanghai Summer School, she was only a freshman at the university. Now she’s about to graduate with a masters in tourism management. Eva plans to travel Asia for a year after she’s done and number one on her list is, of course, China. ;) Read on to find out why she plans to return again and again!    1. So Eva,