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8 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Shanghai Summer School


There are countless reasons why you should spend this summer with us at Shanghai Summer School, but here are 8 of the best ones! Winter is about to be over, the days are getting longer and warmer, and everything is starting to buzz with life and activity. Already thinking about what to do for the upcoming summer? We might have just the thing for you. Experience Shanghai, the city that doesn’t even sit down. The legendary Chinese metropolis of Shanghai is the most dynamic city on the planet and right now, it is the place to be. Amongst other superlatives [...]

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Shanghai love story feat. Shanghai Summer School


Let me tell you a story about Shanghai. Shanghai has been pretty good to me. It’s a pretty amazing city, and it’s been an interesting experience. The first thing you notice is the speed and harmony of this gigantic place. Everybody is moving in a different direction, but the flow never comes to a full stop. Yet once you take a step back, everything seems to slow down, and you can really enjoy the atmosphere of the organized chaos. It’s a special feeling observing all the people rushing back and forth, making a living and going about their daily lives. You [...]

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Chinese New Year: From folklore to family


Why everything during the Chinese new year is in the color red, the significance of the Spring festival, and why it triggers the largest migration of people across the globe. Long ago in ancient China, there was a tiny village that sat on the bank of a beautiful lake. Villagers enjoyed peaceful lives but dreaded the arrival of the new moon as the diminished moonlight awoke a horrible demon monster living deep in the lake. Afraid of the light, it came out once a year, wreaking havoc on the village, eating all its grain and taking all its children. This monster [...]

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