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Oumaima Jyetoukoum | Meet our Global Family


Oumaima was a girl in search of a travel adventure, and she found it last summer at Shanghai Summer School. On top of being able to travel to and experience a completely different country, she learned to converse in basic Mandarin Chinese, and found herself in a traditional Chinese garden in Suzhou, strumming on her ukelele and singing along to Jessie J with her newfound friends from all over the world. This autumn, Oumaima will return to China, this time as an exchange student in Suzhou, and she couldn’t be more excited about it. Oumaima, how did you come across Shanghai [...]

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Why study abroad?


We all know how eye-opening and amazing traveling can be, but it doesn’t quite give you all the benefits that studying abroad does. If you study abroad, you’re spending an extended time in one place with what will soon become a close-knit group of peers coming from all different backgrounds. While studying abroad you’re forced to create a routine for yourself in a foreign place and soon enough, you start living and breathing just like the locals, and these are only a few benefits of studying abroad. Benefits while studying abroad can be divided into different types of experiences, which we [...]

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