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Things only students who attended Summer School in China will understand


I think we can probably agree that choosing to study in China, be it for a summer school or a semester abroad, is quite a gutsy choice to make. Hardly comparable with other more mainstream study abroad options. I remember when I first went to Shanghai to study years ago. When I told a friend that I was going for a study exchange in Shanghai, he laughed and said, “Couldn’t you find somewhere more obscure?” Well, his reaction is unfortunately a common one, because most people know so little about China due to how distant it is in terms of [...]

Things only students who attended Summer School in China will understand2020-06-05T13:17:12+00:00

How to Include International Summer School Participation in CV


While most students look forward to spending their summers by the beach or pool, summers can also be a great time to pursue personal growth and experiences. One way to do so is to attend a summer school abroad. In addition to making great summer memories, attending a summer school is also a great opportunity to develop soft-skills such as communicating in a foreign environment, problem-solving, and being adaptable to unusual situations. These days, more and more employers value the international experience gained during semesters abroad due to the belief that being abroad, especially for an extended period of time, [...]

How to Include International Summer School Participation in CV2020-04-22T07:31:52+00:00

11 Applications you’ll absolutely need if you study abroad in China


In a world where you can hardly imagine life without a phone, China is definitely the pinnacle of mobile technological development. In China, people can leave their homes without their wallets, but not without their phones. So if you’re planning to study abroad in Shanghai or China in general, whether for summer school or an exchange program, here are some mobile applications we definitely recommend that you download to ease into life in China from the get-go. Photo by William Hook on Unsplash The Essential study abroad Apps WeChat – Chinese super-app a.k.a remote for life in China Without [...]

11 Applications you’ll absolutely need if you study abroad in China2019-12-10T20:25:39+00:00

8 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Shanghai Summer School


There are countless reasons why you should spend this summer with us at Shanghai Summer School, but here are 8 of the best ones! Winter is about to be over, the days are getting longer and warmer, and everything is starting to buzz with life and activity. Already thinking about what to do for the upcoming summer? We might have just the thing for you. Experience Shanghai, the city that doesn’t even sit down. The legendary Chinese metropolis of Shanghai is the most dynamic city on the planet and right now, it is the place to be. Amongst other superlatives [...]

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Spotlight: Donghua University, a clear winner.


Out of the many universities in Shanghai offering Chinese-language programs, Donghua University, Shanghai Summer School’s university partner, stood out above the rest with its Chinese teaching expertise, its openness to international students, its excellent location, and its complete campus facilities. Shanghai Summer School offers two programs in partnership with Donghua University – the Classic Four-Week Experience, as well as the Intensive Two-Week Experience. The expertise of Donghua University’s Chinese language program, combined with Shanghai Summer School’s activity-packed program makes for a fruitful summer experience like no other. The partnership between Shanghai Summer School and Donghua University has grown from strength-to-strength, and in [...]

Spotlight: Donghua University, a clear winner.2020-02-23T12:09:23+00:00