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Julz Goff is a writer, dancer, and educator with a thirst for travel. She spent three years living and working in China as a college counselor - two years in Chengdu and one in Shenzhen. Now living in Brooklyn, New York, she uses her writing to reminisce on the time spent in her second home. Julz loves sharing her experiences as an ex-pat, hoping they give future ex-pats some insight into how to make the most of their time abroad. Julz has also lived in Scotland and Australia and has visited nearly 20 countries to date, but the list is ever-expanding!

Lucky and Unlucky Chinese Numbers


Every culture has its own superstitions, and the idea of lucky and unlucky numbers may be familiar – a hotel that skips the 13th floor, using your birthday for lottery tickets – but in China, lucky numbers have more permeating cultural significance, the consequences of which are visible everywhere! This quick guide to lucky and unlucky numbers will get you on track for a prosperous adventure in China! Lucky Chinese Numbers Our favorite thing about lucky numbers is how they apply to modern technology. If you’re buying a new phone plan when you arrive for a study [...]

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11 YouTubers to check before going on a study exchange in China (updated)


Before going on a study exchange in China, you’re going to want to learn as much as you can about life and study in China. Youtubers living in China can be one of your first stops for easily digestible, fun snapshots of life and the cultural differences you may encounter.  Because many people study or work in china short term, while others live there for many years, you will find a few specific types of YouTubers in China: long term ex-pats, short term ex-pats, and locals. The long term ex-pats have a lot of knowledge, but less perspective on [...]

11 YouTubers to check before going on a study exchange in China (updated)2020-05-05T16:18:23+00:00

Best Chinese learning apps for your smartphone


There are a lot of aspects to learning Chinese language that makes it difficult. From tone sounds to characters to endless homophones! The best strategy for overall learning Chinese is a multifaceted approach – and that means one Chinese language learning app won’t be all you need.  If you want to work on all aspects of Chinese – writing, reading, speaking, listening – you’ll need to use apps that focus on honing different skills. Here are my favorite Chinese learning  apps for everything from overall skill strengthening to conversation practice to character writing! Some of the apps I recommend [...]

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Tips to study abroad in China without speaking Chinese


Spending an extended period of time in China without knowing the language can sound a little daunting. You may be nervous about starting your study adventure with zero Chinese language skills. But don’t worry! Here are some tips for surviving study exchange in China even if you don’t speak a word of Mandarin! Embrace body language Let’s start simply. Not being afraid to wave, point, gesture, etc. is important. This includes taxi drivers pointing “right here, or left?” and 7-11 employees signaling “15 yuan”.  If you want to be prepared to gesture like a pro - learn the Chinese hand [...]

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6 Reasons to Visit Shanghai this Summer


The city of Shanghai holds some of the best an international city can have to offer. While it is teeming with new life, modern culture, and expat communities, there is also an abundance of Chinese history, delectable traditional eats, and serene natural beauty to discover. If you are on the hunt for an ideal summer adventure, Shanghai may be the perfect place to get your fix, and may even be the perfect place to start learning Mandarin!  This summer is the perfect time to see the best of Shanghai and enjoy sweating through some incredible outdoor adventures, lazy days, and [...]

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