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The Benefits of Studying Abroad, part 1 of 2

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Based on the article originally published on TopUniversities.com. 


Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. By studying abroad, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the allure and culture of a new land. 

Not only will living and studying abroad enrich your understanding of different people and customs, you will also gain a broader context for understanding today’s most pressing global issues. From your peers to your professors, learning in an international environment will challenge your assumptions and introduce you to new ways of thinking about the world.

 The experience of studying abroad is a challenge to gain independence and develop as individuals


1.Become Independent

</a>The experience of studying abroad is, for most first-timers, a challenge to gain independence and develop as individuals. When living independently abroad you have to cope on your own, be able to look after yourself and sort out your own affairs. While you can be sure to receive support from the organizers, simple things like basic time-planning, packing, filling your stomach and having clean clothes will have to be taken care of by yourself.



2.Experience a new culture

According to Dee Roach, Group Manager of European marketing for the Navitas Education Group, nothing beats the immersive international experience you get while studying abroad. “The best way of finding out about another culture is by immersing yourself in it, and you can only do that by living in a country. Once you start working, your overseas experiences might be limited to much shorter durations, so studying abroad is a great opportunity to remain in a country and learn all about it over an extended period of time.

There is no better way to learn and practice a new language than to be immersed in it in your daily activities.

3. Develop your language aptitudes

For some global students, studying abroad is an opportunity to create language abilities, either through studying it as a second language or by practising the language that is spoken locally. “Language skills obtained while studying abroad will always be beneficial to the student and their home country in both the short- and long-term,” says Sarah Han. There is no better way to learn and practice a new language than to be immersed in it in your daily activities.



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