While most students look forward to spending their summers by the beach or pool, summers can also be a great time to pursue personal growth and experiences. One way to do so is to attend a summer school abroad. In addition to making great summer memories, attending a summer school is also a great opportunity to develop soft-skills such as communicating in a foreign environment, problem-solving, and being adaptable to unusual situations.   These days, more and more employers value the international

In today’s interconnected world, it is crucial to understand the world on a global scale and one of the best ways to learn is to do a summer exchange program. From new languages to differences in cultural norms and expectations, having the ability to communicate thoughtfully with others has become a necessity and there is no better way to expose yourself to new cultures than by studying abroad in a thriving city like Shanghai. This is especially considering the fact

Shanghai is China’s most developed and international city, which makes it a breeze to travel to…mostly. If you’re heading to Shanghai or China soon, be it for an study exchange semester, for summer school, work, or simply for a visit to find out what all the fuss regarding Shanghai is about, we recommend that you take note of the following points so as to make your experience as carefree and fun as it can possibly be.   Applying for your

In a world where you can hardly imagine life without a phone, China is definitely the pinnacle of mobile technological development. In China, people can leave their homes without their wallets, but not without their phones. So if you’re planning to study abroad in Shanghai or China in general, whether for summer school or an exchange programme, here are some mobile applications we definitely recommend that you download to ease into life in China from the get-go.   The Essential study abroad

Oumaima was a girl in search of a travel adventure, and she found it last summer at Shanghai Summer School. On top of being able to travel to and experience a completely different country, she learnt to converse in basic Mandarin Chinese, and found herself in a traditional Chinese garden in Suzhou, strumming on her ukelele and singing along to Jessie J with her newfound friends from all over the world. This autumn, Oumaima will return to China, this time as

We all know how eye-opening and amazing travelling can be, but it doesn’t quite give you all the benefits that studying abroad does. If you study abroad, you’re spending an extended time in one place with what will soon become a close-knit group of peers coming from all different backgrounds. As well, you’re forced to create a routine for yourself in a foreign place and soon enough, you start living and breathing just like the locals, and these are only a

This time we catch up with Daniel Saldanha from Porto, who joined Shanghai Summer School’s Global Family last year. For most of our participants, their time at Shanghai Summer School was the first time they’d visited China. Daniel, however, had visited China twice before and still found much to love about the city of Shanghai. Read on to see Shanghai Summer School from a slightly different perspective.      Daniel, what was your reason for joining Shanghai Summer School? Was it an ambition to

By: Luka Smajila, Shanghai Summer School 2018 Alumni I truly believe that spending four weeks in summer with Shanghai Summer School is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself this year. Let me tell you why. In life, one thing is for certain, and it is that change is the only constant. So there I was, scrolling through my Facebook feed last March. I stumbled upon an advertisement for a Shanghai Summer School presentation coming up. Being

From the towering skyscrapers to the quaint traditional back alleys, the colourful streets of Shanghai are full of Instagrammable spots. The many faces of Shanghai are difficult to portray through a single medium. Historically, many have tried to depict the beauty of China through traditional means - by creating music, painting and writing poetry

There are countless reasons why you should spend this summer with us at Shanghai Summer School, but here are 8 of the best ones! Winter is about to be over, the days are getting longer and warmer, and everything is starting to buzz with life and activity. Already thinking about what to do for the upcoming summer? We might have just the thing for you.   Experience Shanghai, the city that doesn’t even sit down. The legendary Chinese metropolis of Shanghai is