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Visiting Shanghai Tower: China’s Tallest Skyscraper


China is home to six of the ten tallest buildings in the world. Shanghai Tower, which we also visit during the Shanghai Summer School, is not only China’s tallest building but the second tallest in the world! At 632 meters (2073 feet) tall, you can’t possibly miss it while enjoying the view of the Shanghai skyline. Before heading to the tower, read up on the fascinating information about its construction and features, and how to get there! The Construction of Shanghai Tower: Construction started in 2008, and the building officially opened in 2016. Shanghai Tower was constructed [...]

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Lucky and Unlucky Chinese Numbers


Every culture has its own superstitions, and the idea of lucky and unlucky numbers may be familiar – a hotel that skips the 13th floor, using your birthday for lottery tickets – but in China, lucky numbers have more permeating cultural significance, the consequences of which are visible everywhere! This quick guide to lucky and unlucky numbers will get you on track for a prosperous adventure in China! Lucky Chinese Numbers Our favorite thing about lucky numbers is how they apply to modern technology. If you’re buying a new phone plan when you arrive for a study [...]

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Chinese New Year: From folklore to family


Why everything during the Chinese new year is in the color red, the significance of the Spring festival, and why it triggers the largest migration of people across the globe. Long ago in ancient China, there was a tiny village that sat on the bank of a beautiful lake. Villagers enjoyed peaceful lives but dreaded the arrival of the new moon as the diminished moonlight awoke a horrible demon monster living deep in the lake. Afraid of the light, it came out once a year, wreaking havoc on the village, eating all its grain and taking all its children. This monster [...]

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Exploring China: How did you travel around China without speaking a word of Chinese?


The first questions my friends ask when I tell them about how I spent my summer in China as a participant of the Shanghai Summer School and traveling around China are often not about what I saw and did, but “How did you travel around China without speaking a word of Mandarin? Is it even possible?”, followed by a comment along the lines of how extraordinary and brave I was to attempt to do so. Well yes, and thank you for thinking so highly of my folks, but here’s the truth – it’s no big deal, anyone can do it. Okay [...]

Exploring China: How did you travel around China without speaking a word of Chinese?2020-01-27T13:39:39+00:00