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6 Reasons to Visit Shanghai this Summer


The city of Shanghai holds some of the best an international city can have to offer. While it is teeming with new life, modern culture, and expat communities, there is also an abundance of Chinese history, delectable traditional eats, and serene natural beauty to discover. If you are on the hunt for an ideal summer adventure, Shanghai may be the perfect place to get your fix, and may even be the perfect place to start learning Mandarin!  This summer is the perfect time to see the best of Shanghai and enjoy sweating through some incredible outdoor adventures, lazy days, and [...]

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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Shanghai


From the towering skyscrapers to the quaint traditional back alleys, the colorful streets of Shanghai are full of Instagrammable spots. The many faces of Shanghai are difficult to portray through a single medium. Historically, many have tried to depict the beauty of China through traditional means - by creating music, painting and writing poetry... These art forms are undeniably powerful, but these days, none are quite as impactful and far-reaching as...Instagram (By the way, here's our Instagram profile.) Yes, you read right, Instagram. There probably isn’t a single other platform that better tackles the immensity of the task at hand - [...]

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Hidden Shanghai Stories


Hidden Shanghai Stories: Cities in their essence are the interweaving of aspirations, dreams, and memories. Its buildings, its parks, its statues, etc., are memorials of it’s past and present efforts. As such, cities are more than just a population of people but are in fact the stories of its people engraved into the landscape itself. Mass tourism, in this aspect, misses the essence of traveling and offers nothing more than a superficial visit of top tourist sites. Shanghai Summer School was made with a different vision in mind – one of the main aims of the school we like to call [...]

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