Out of the many universities in Shanghai offering Chinese-language programs, Donghua University, Shanghai Summer School’s university partner, stood out above the rest with its Chinese teaching expertise, its openness to international students, its excellent location, and its complete campus facilities.

Shanghai Summer School offers two programs in partnership with Donghua University – the Classic Four-Week Experience, as well as the Intensive Two-Week Experience. The expertise of Donghua University’s Chinese language program, combined with Shanghai Summer School’s activity-packed program makes for a fruitful summer experience like no other. The partnership between Shanghai Summer School and Donghua University has grown from strength-to-strength, and in 2018, Shanghai Summer School became Donghua University’s largest partner in terms of the number of summer school students they enrol in the university.

Donghua University, Shanghai Summer School’s university partner

Out of the many universities in Shanghai offering Chinese-language programs, Donghua University, Shanghai Summer School’s university partner, stood out above the rest with its Chinese teaching expertise.

In the establishment of Shanghai Summer School, it was of utmost importance for the team that we work long-term with reliable and quality partners in order to provide the best all-around Shanghai experience for our students. After countless of meetings with many universities in Shanghai, Donghua University was our top choice, and here are a few reasons why:


  1. They are the Chinese language teaching experts

The spine of the Shanghai Summer School program is its Chinese language course. Participants of Shanghai Summer School can expect to receive high-quality Chinese language education that has met the high standards required for EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality) accreditation. With a total of six difficulty levels aligned with the levels of HSK, the standardized test of Standard Chinese language proficiency of China for non-native speakers, there is a class suitable for everyone from the complete beginner to those with more advanced Chinese-language mastery.

Donghua University Chinese language teaching experts

Chinese language classes are taught by proficient native Chinese teachers, who employ a variety of teaching methods adjusted to each level and combine classroom teaching with Chinese-language practice classes. What this means is that participants will learn Chinese language in an engaging and practical way. Upon passing the final exam at the end of the summer school, participants will obtain an internationally-recognized certificate issued by Donghua University.


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  1. One of Shanghai’s most respected and international universities

Donghua University is one of the key state-universities directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Education of China. As one of Shanghai’s most respected and recognized universities, Donghua University ranks up high amongst big names like Jiaotong University, Fudan University and Tongji University. 

Almost from its inception in 1951, Donghua University has been well known for being an international university; ranking top 5 in the list of most international-friendly universities in China. Being amongst the first Chinese universities to accept international students, Donghua University is no stranger to the needs of international students like Shanghai Summer School participants. To date, Donghua University has hosted international students from almost 140 countries each year and is proud to be one of the first batches of universities in China that have passed the Quality Accreditation for International Students Education.

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  1. The ideal downtown location of its Yan’an Road campus

Shanghai Summer School participants are housed in the international students’ dormitory on Donghua University’s Yan’an Road campus, located in downtown Shanghai’s Changning district along one of the city’s main roads, Yan’an Road. Yan’an Road is just minutes from where seven of Shanghai’s main roads famously intersect at the Dragon Pilar, the biggest in-city intersection in the world.



The downtown core of Shanghai can be reached from the Yan’an Road campus within 15 minutes on a variety of public transportation options available in its immediate vicinity. For a megacity like Shanghai, that’s saying a lot! This makes the university a great base for Shanghai Summer School participants to explore Shanghai. Apart from the convenience shops, cafes, eateries just outside the campus, only one stop away is the Zhongshan area, dotted with multiple mega-malls housing supermarkets (western and eastern), well-known brands (local and international), banks, restaurants and all the amenities one might need. In a nutshell, for that month at Shanghai Summer School, participants will be in the best possible place in Shanghai to learn, live and explore!


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  1. Great campus facilities, and a magical view!

Donghua University’s Yan’an Road campus is one of the largest university campuses in Shanghai, with as many as 22,000 students. The classrooms in which Chinese lessons are held in the mornings are only a few minutes walk from the international students’ dormitory. This means that students can literally roll out of their beds and into class!

With almost everything you’ll need within the campus, we like to think of the campus as its own self-sufficient town. In the sprawling campus, participants will find themselves spoilt for choice deciding where and what to eat at one of the four canteens serving affordable dishes, they will be able to buy basic necessities at the campus supermarket, hangout and have study sessions in cool cafes and keep fit and work out at its sports stadium (they have basketball, football and tennis courts as well as a running track!). The campus even has its own post-office hub, making it extremely convenient to collect one’s online shopping. And if you don’t already know, China is heaven for online shopping – with a few taps on your mobile phone, you can get everything from a cucumber to a microwave oven delivered!

Our favorite part of Donghua University’s Yan’an Road campus, however, has got to be the view from the international students’ dormitory. Standing tall and proud at seventeen stories, the international students’ dormitory building dwarfs the buildings surrounding it. Morning people can catch the sunrise from the higher floors of the building, while the night owls can see all the way to Shanghai Tower, the world’s second-tallest building, glittering amidst the hustle and bustle of this amazing megacity. Believe us when we say that the view is spectacular!


Shanghai Summer School strives to provide you with a summer experience unlike any other. The summer school is primarily about learning the Chinese language in an immersive way, but it’s also about going out and discovering a new culture and making meaningful connections with its people. We would even go as far as to say that delving headfirst into the bustling metropolis of Shanghai will allow one to adopt a new and expanded worldview, and a deeper understanding of cultures different than our own.

The knowledge of new languages combined with heightened cultural sensitivity and awareness has become ever more important in the global world we live in today.

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