Let me tell you a story about Shanghai.

Shanghai has been pretty good to me. It’s a pretty amazing city, and it’s been an interesting experience. The first thing you notice is the speed and harmony of this gigantic place. Everybody is moving in a different direction, but the flow never comes to a full stop. Yet once you take a step back, everything seems to slow down, and you can really enjoy the atmosphere of the organized chaos. It’s a special feeling observing all the people rushing back and forth, making a living and going about their daily lives. You start to notice all the different smells, extraordinary architecture, and of course also at some point, the insane summer heat.

The Bund is definitely one of my favorite places to hang around, be it day or night.


Story of Shanghai - the bund


It’s one of those places from which you can see the true magnitude of Shanghai, and how it basks in its glory and its position as China’s largest city.

The metropolis is constantly in a rapid motion, where thousands of handshakes of success are made each day, striving for constant economic and technological advancement.

The stunning skyscrapers dressed in glass coats offer a glamorous insight. And the reflection of the neon lights mirrors the speed of the city in the Huangpu River. There is a special feeling when getting lost in the narrow streets, which then suddenly open up into vast markets full of local merchants with traditional goods, small cafes, and restaurants. Where the smell of textile mixes with the smell of local cuisine.

The local museums will take you back in time, from the Ming Dynasty to the times when Shanghai was nothing more but a fishing town. It’s incredible to see how a little town turned into a thriving metropolis in a couple of decades. Humankind can create great steps if it wants to.

It’s not difficult meeting someone of interest when there is so much diversity among the 25 million people that live here. It might sound scary at first, to see all these masses joined in a single city. But it’s actually quite easy to create connections.  Everything from basic friendships, business partnerships, and maybe even meeting a soulmate.


Story of Shanghai - Huangpu river


Shanghai is all about guanxi. At first, you don’t really know what to expect.  You stand alone among people from different cultures, yet you are in the same situation as they are. Eventually, you figure out that life can be much easier if you connect with others and help each other out.

Learning Chinese is just a part of this summer school, but in the whole truth, it’s about co-creating a unified experience.

This is my story, now it’s time to create your own…

Welcome to Shanghai.

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