Here’s what our community has to say about their Shanghai Summer School experience:

Daniel - shanghai summer school testimonials
Daniel Saldanha, Portugal

“Shanghai Summer School is perfect for anyone that wants to either start learning mandarin or wants to improve their existing knowledge. After the morning classes, you are able to experience the city to its fullest. An exciting, action packed month that is completely worth it.”

Lena Domberger, Austria

“Going to Shanghai was definitely the right decision. My stay exceeded all my expectations, Shanghai is amazing and after four weeks I think each one of us has a favorite place for which he or she will yearn for at home. But not only the city had charm, we could also get to know the Chinese mentality. The other participants and our teamleaders made my stay unforgettable. 😍 I made friends from all over the world and together we experienced Shanghai‘s crazy nightlife, laughed and cried our eyes out, tried Chinese food and got lost in the city.
I entered the plane with tears in my eyes ❤️
You‘ll make the best experience of your life! Do it! 😉

Laura - shanghai summer school review
Laura Herrera, USA

“Shanghai summer school gave me the best summer of my life!! From getting to know the Chinese culture and its beautiful language, days full of amazing activities to meeting lots of fun people I can’t decide my favorite part but I do know I do not regret making the decision to go to Shanghai! The organizers outdid themselves everything was thoroughly planned for us to have an amazing time 🥰

Rafaella - shanghai summer school testimonials
Rafaella Carvalho, Brazil

“This was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Before going, I would have never imagined how much this trip would mean to me in the end, how much I would miss all the incredible people I met, how much I would love China… The organizers are amazing. The best part is that unlike most other Chinese summer schools, they don’t care just about learning the language. Of course, learning Chinese plays a big part in it (btw the teachers are so nice and invested in us), but it goes beyond that. I got to experience the local culture, explore Shanghai, go clubbing, make dumplings, eat different foods, we went karaoke-ing, learned tai-chi, went skywalking, a friend and I got tattoos, and SO MUCH more… I can’t put in words what this experience meant to me.
I am sure that whoever you are, you won’t regret choosing Shanghai Summer School. You’re gonna love it 

Masa - shanghai summer school testimonial
Maša Smajila, Slovenia

“Ni hao! Wo jiao Maša, wo ai SSS! If you’re interested in what this means, then you should definitely take part in Shanghai summer school🙌🏻 and not only will you study chinese with the best teachers possible, you will also explore China’s hidden treasures, cycle through Shanghai with light-emitting bunny ears and experience the best night life there is – Shanghai night life!🎉 If you’re a future (current🙊) entrepreneur, there are also business classes scheduled so you don’t need to worry. Each day is carefully planned out by the most amazing organizers, leaving you with enough time to explore the city alone (and get lost! – it’s a must btw😂) and have fun along the way! Would definitely recommend💯

Michaela Zbrojová, Czech Republic

“My summer in Shanghai with Shanghai Summer School was one of the best times of my life. Not only that I got to improve and practise my Chinese in real life, I met so many wonderful people from all around the world as well. This summer school truly moved me. The programme gives you a thousand options of spending your time – whether you want to study Chinese at Donghua with the nicest native speakers, or you prefer spending days and nights with other international students exploring the city or maybe you like yourself a little nightlife, the choice is yours. The whole organizer’s team was very professional and helpful but super friendly at the same time. And in general, I would highly recommend anyone to go and explore China (especially Shanghai!). It’s truly a whole new world.
If anyone hesitates to sign up, don’t. You will get the most amazing memories for a lifetime. Just go for it and thank me later!

sander - summer school testimonials
Sander Vooght, The Netherlands

“This was the first summer school I applied to and it was great. I’ve made a lot of new friends from all over Europe. The activities were cool like visiting the tallest building of Shanghai and cycling through the city at night. Also, the staff was nice, they know a lot about the city and give cool tips for things to visit.

Wished I had found this summer school earlier.”

Martina, Shanghai Summer School testimonials
Martina Atanasova, Bulgaria

“Amazing summer school for students who want to get out of their comfort zones, experience China and meet lots of awesome people. Great team, always professional and friendly! Highly recommend it! “

Ines - shanghai summer school testimonials
Ines Chadri, Italy

“An amazing experience where you get to totally change you perspective, meet new people and have cool adventures around Shanghai and surroundings.
The organisation was perfect and the team behind it is friendly and did a great job! Can’t imagine how it would’ve been without it. I recommend 100%!”

Jorge - shanghai summer school testimonials
Jorge Ferreira, Portugal

“It was a really nice experience. If anyone reading this has any doubts about going, you shouldn’t have. You’ll have a unique experience and get a chance to meet people form all over the world. Make sure you go!”

Jovana Živanović, Serbia

“This was such an awesome experience! The organisers are so great. The activities were really well thought out and diverse. The classes were amazing!! Overall, made so many new friends and memories. It was truly unforgettable. Something everyone should try once 

summer school testimonials
Xaver Haack, Germany

“Best option for international students visiting China for the first time. Together with around 50 other students (mostly aged somewhere around 18-23) you live at the Donghua University Campus, have Chinese lessons in the morning and activities to discover Chinese culture in the afternoon. In the evening there will be plenty of opportunities for partying (probably more than is good for you).

Being part of the community of the SS helps you to orient yourself in Shanghai very quickly (concerning stuff like maps, VPN, Metro Card, usefull apps, …). The people form the SS are very careing and will the around to help you out any time.”

Lê Quỳnh Hương, Vietnam

“Im so lucky to be a part of Shanghai Summer School. It was so hard for my to say goodbye to the city and the people in this program.
The organisers’ve done such amazing job!”

Ruobin Zheng, The Netherlands

” The most amazing thing about this summer school program can’t really be outlined in a website or brochure. All of the historical and mind-blowing destinations, locations, and attractions we visited were just backdrops to the real experience. To have the opportunity to go to Shanghai was a great learning and socializing experience for me. During these 4 weeks, I have met and made many international friends from all around the world. There were so many things to see in Shanghai. The food was great and cheap, I miss it already! So many beautiful girls and I fell in love with the nightlife in Shanghai. The parties were awesome!

The Chinese language classes were very fun to follow in the mornings. In the afternoons the organizers of this summer school program took us to explore the big city and its culture, and they were very friendly and helpful. I am very grateful to them for sharing their stories and experiences. The activities that they planned were very well organized, structured and most importantly fun. The city itself is the financial heart of China. There are so many international companies in Shanghai and so many business opportunities!

By spending a summer studying abroad in Shanghai, you can enjoy the many advantages of studying abroad without having to commit to a semester or year! Hopefully, one day I will be back in Shanghai.”

sander - summer school testimonials
Ana Mandic, Croatia

“I’ve heard that people cry after Shanghai Summer School is over. And then I tried this amazing experience myself and I have to say that it’s true – this was something special! So many special memories and so many new friends met and knowledge acquired!! Shanghai Summer School thank you for every second of it!!! “

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Maria Jeżevska, Poland

“I can’t imagine a better way to spend a summer in Shanghai. The activities were incredibly diverse, we could experience the city in all these different ways. Night cycling through the city, tea ceremonies, crazy night life and business lectures – everyone could find something to enjoy. I was really impressed with all the organizers and how they made sure that we are using our time in Shanghai to the fullest. Can’t recommend enough 

Victor Goitia Serra, Spain

“Shangai Summer School has been a great experience. It has allowed me to learn about the Asian market and at the same time to have a great time and meet excellent people. I highly recomend this experience.”

Elza - shanghai summer school testimonials
Elza Rebol, Slovenia

“If you’re just slightly thinking about applying for this summer school, you should have applied yesterday! Truly the best month of my life, that gave me much more than 4 amazing weeks in China. New friendships, crazy adventures, new view on world and the best memories. This experience is dear to my heart and I promise you, you won’t regret it!”

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