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The Shanghai Summer School Story

You write your life story by the choices you make.

Organising Shanghai Summer School is an endless process.
We like to say that our school is a living organism that is constantly evolving and growing, and we grow together with it!

Every day, new ideas are being implemented to make each instalment of Shanghai Summer School a better one than the last.

Every year we strive to have at least one participant of the past Shanghai Summer Schools join us as part of the team, and with his/her youthful energy, help us continue the Shanghai Summer School story.

Who knows, maybe it’s you who will get the chance to join us next year. 🙂


Our Story

Some of us have lived in China, some have studied there, and others have forged a career there.
In doing so, we have created memories and experiences that will forever link us with China.

Like all good stories, our story began quite unusually… Co-founders Gregor and Vid became friends by chance when they met in Shanghai a few years ago, and bonded over their enthusiasm for all things Chinese! Little did they know then, that just a year later, they would be working together to take some international students around Shanghai in the summer.

Half a year later, during a business trip to Hong Kong, Gregor came up with the idea of starting their very own summer school. The fact that there was a 6 hour time difference between Hong Kong and Europe did not cross Gregor’s mind when he called and woke Vid up with the idea. Despite being woken up in the middle of the night in Hong Kong, Vid heart raced at the idea. He sat up wide awake and said “Let’s do it!”.

A few days later, they sat together and made a list of everything they needed to do in order to set up their own summer school. At the top of this list was finding and partnering a reputable university in Shanghai. After nearly 300 emails exchanges and making good use of their guanxi (relationships and connections), they managed to come to a partnership agreement with the top university of their choice – the prestigious Donghua University.

That’s how in less than 3 weeks after that morning call from Gregor that threw Vid out of bed, Shanghai Summer School was born.


Contact us

Do you have any ideas or feedback that you think would improve the Shanghai Summer School programme?
Do you want to get to know us better?
Or do you have a Shanghai Summer School related query?

Whatever it is, write to us!

Contact us anytime, at nihao@shanghaisummerschool.com, through Facebook Messenger, or schedule a Skype call with us.


Gregor Strnad, Founder of Shanghai Summer School

Gregor Strnad


Gregor is an ambitious young entrepreneur and connoisseur of the Chinese business culture. His connection with China goes way back to his younger years and has been reinforced over time. During the time he has spent studying in Shanghai, and after numerous visits to China, Gregor knows Shanghai just like a local. He now uses his experience in various projects, some of which have grown into young companies.

Vid Skvarca, Shanghai Summer School co-founder

Vid Skvarca


Vid is a great appreciator of the Chinese culture and language, and also knows Shanghai very well. His first encounter with Shanghai was in 2014, when he participated in a summer school. Since then, nothing was the same. Soon after he completed summer school, he returned to Shanghai, where he undertook his masters’ study at the esteemed Tongji University. While in China, Vid took the opportunity to improve his knowledge of the Chinese language. On top of being Head of Programme at the Shanghai Summer School, Vid is currently employed at a successful biotechnical company.

Yumei Foong, Social Media Manager at Shanghai Summer School

Yumei Foong

Head of Community, Content and Social Media Manager

Constantly shuttling between her home in Singapore and Europe, Yumei is the bridge between Asia and us. Although she doesn’t like to talk about it, Yumei speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese fluently. An experienced marketer and content creator, Summer School will certainly not be the same without Yumei. With her professionalism, creativity, and strong attention to detail, Yumei ensures that the school runs like clockwork. She also functions as the discipline mistress of the team, making sure the boys in the team don’t get into trouble.

Marko Jurisic, Shanghai Summer School

Marko Jurisic


Andrej Dobnikar, Shangha Summer School

Andrej Dobnikar


Ask any of our past participants and they will tell you that Andrej is the team member who possesses the largest amount of energy. It is absolutely never boring around him. Being around Andrej always puts one in a good mood. Since setting foot in Shanghai for the first time in 2012 for his student exchange, Shanghai has become his second home. Sometimes it even feels like he knows Shanghai better than his hometown. According to Andrej, his experience in Shanghai has changed his worldview. In working with Shanghai Summer School, Andrej hopes to be able to share his experience with as many students as possible.

Judy Ji Project Manager International Student Admissions Department at Donghua University

Judy Ji

Project Manager

International Student Admissions Department at Donghua University