The summer long program wraps you in Chinese culture for the whole summer specifically building on the immersion part of the language learning equation.

The program is built for those who want to make full use of their summer, committing themselves to a 93-hour Chinese language course. Prolonged duration allows the language school to be structured in a way classes are differentiated to focus on a specific language skill.

Carefully curated set of cultural lessons, workshops, business lectures and excursions deepens the exposure and sets the pace for an unforgettable summer. 6-week program provides well-tested framework but it still gives enough space for the participants to explore Shanghai and China under their own terms. 

Perhaps, if time is less of a concern you will allow yourself to get a little lost and through it do things you wouldn’t normally do. What you discover or who you meet may just be what you hold dearest to your heart when you return home. 

If experiencing Shanghai as a local is what you are after 6-week program will take you furthest.

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The Details

Programme length: 6 weeks

Dates: 12th of July 2020 – 22th of August 2020

Application deadline: 31st of May 2020

Location: Donghua University Campus, 849 Zhongshan West Road, Changning Qu, Shanghai

Accommodation: Included

Location: Donghua University Campus,

849 Zhongshan West Road, Changning Qu, Shanghai

Tuition fee

The registration fee of 200RMB is paid separately upon arrival at Donghua University.

Regular Price

(after 16th of March 2020):


Early Bird Price

(before 15th of March 2020) :


Four best rated activities of Shanghai Summer School 2019 (n=67)

Night cycling tour of Shanghai
Lectures of X-node start-up accelerator
Shanghai Tower and Huangpu river experience
Daily trip to Suzhou – Venice of the East

A day at Shanghai Summer School

What is included?


Included in the price is accommodation in a twin-bed room (shared with one other person from the same gender) in the International Student Dormitory of Donghua University. Each room is equipped with a fridge, a private bathroom and air-conditioning. Each floor also has its own kitchenette and laundry room.

The Donghua University campus and dormitory is located just 6-kilometres from the very heart of Shanghai. The campus dormitory accommodates 22,000 students from 38 different countries. In addition to the rooms, the campus offers a stadium with a running track, as well as basketball, football and tennis courts, 2 supermarkets and 4 student canteens, where you can have a meal for around 3€.

Welcome Orientation:

To help you get accustomed to the sprawling campus, an orientation tour on the first day is imperative! From day one, you will already know where to find the best beef noodles on campus, and also where you can find the running track to burn off calories from said beef noodles.

Amazing race:

Planning to apply for summer school alone but worried that you’ll be lonely? Fret not! The Amazing Shanghai Race organized on the first day will make sure you’ll make friends from the get-go! In randomly assigned teams, you will navigate the megacity of Shanghai to complete various challenges.  Get to know new friends and the city at the same time!

Welcome pack:

Like most of our participants, it will probably be your first time in Shanghai. Which is why in your specially prepared welcome pack you will find a Starter Kit that you can refer to throughout your time in Shanghai, a Shanghai Summer School t-shirt, and a map of Shanghai.

As the most spoken language in the world right now, Mandarin Chinese is no longer the language of the future, but the language of the present!

While attending Shanghai Summer School, you will complete a 100-hour Chinese language course taught by experienced teachers at the renowned Donghua University. Upon passing the final exam administered at the end of the course, Donghua University issues you a certificate that is worth 3 ECTS credits.

The course is divided into 6 (HSK) levels of difficulty. Based on your results on the placement test taken on the first day of the summer school, you will be assigned to the level most suitable for you.

Teaching styles are adapted to the different levels – from complete beginners to those with an advanced grasp of the Chinese language. Chinese lessons at the beginner level will take place in English, while lessons for those at a more advanced level will take place mostly in Chinese.

At Shanghai Summer School we strive to give you an all-round experience of China and its culture and traditions. These activities have been specially handpicked for your full cultural immersion.

Making Chinese dumplings:

One thing that comes to mind when we think about Chinese culture is its cuisine, and when we talk about Chinese cuisine, piping hot dumplings are a must-eat! Traditionally, Chinese family members get together to make Chinese dumplings, which makes for a great bonding experience. This is why we have always made it a point to allocate an afternoon to learning how to make Chinese dumplings together.

Tai Chi:

Tai chi, often described as meditation in motion, is a noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. During the three lectures, a skilled tai chi master will teach us basic positions and breathing techniques.

Calligraphy class:

Dating back to the Han dynasty, Chinese calligraphy is the most important ancient Chinese art form alongside painting. More than merely writing, good calligraphy is about brush control, attention to composition and self-expression. It is often said that how one wrote was as important as what one wrote. Participants of the summer school will get to try their hand at this almost 2,000-year old Chinese art form.

Making Beijing Opera Masks:

Beijing Opera masks originates from totem in ancient times, develops into facial paintings of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and eventually takes the shape of facial costume of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Tea ceremony experience:

Tea drinking has a special place in Chinese culture and everyday life. Because the Chinese believe that tea can enhance the mood, tea drinking has become an indispensable part of both social and business life in China for centuries. We invite you to come and have a drink with us and learn from one of Shanghai’s best tea ceremony experts about the art of preparing and consuming tea.

A rising superpower in telecommunications, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, fintech and even ecology, and forecasted to overtake the US in 2030 as the world’s largest economy, there is no doubt that China is a force to be reckoned with. To keep up with them, we think it is necessary to learn the ways of the Chinese business world.

A total of four lectures will be devoted to getting to know the distinctly different Chinese business environment better:

An Introduction to business in China (Visiting professor) – 2 hours

Chinese business culture (Conducted by X-node, a start-up accelerator) – 2 hours

Chinese start-up culture (Conducted by X-node, a start-up accelerator) – 2 hours

Branding in China using social media (Guest lecturer) – 2 hours

Day trip to Suzhou – Venice of the East:

Just 100 km northwest of Shanghai, Suzhou was once upon a time China’s national economic, cultural and commercial center. While its predominant position in the nation was lost to Shanghai during a rebellion, Suzhou remains one of China’s most highly developed, prosperous and charming cities, and it is not hard to see why. With its meticulously designed gardens connected by rivers, creeks and canals, Suzhou is often dubbed the Venice of the East.

Day trip to Zhujiajio Water Town and visit of Kunqu Opera:

Zhujiajiao is a township in just about 70km out of Shanghai. In the past centuries Zhujiajiao was a trading area due to the many canals, which were used to ferry products along in little boats and barges. This ancient town is well endowed with waterways, 36 ancient bridges, and traditional Chinese-style residences.

Kunqu Opera originated from  Suzhou is an old drama style listed “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by the UNESCO. It is known as one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera, also, often reffered as the “Mother of Chinese operas”.

Night cruise on the Huangpu River:

The history of Shanghai has always been strongly linked to the mighty Huangpu River, from which a small fishing village blossomed into the world’s biggest financial center and city. Today, the Huangpu River, which divides the city into its old and new quarters, is not only an important traffic route but also the heart of the city’s bustling social scene. There is nothing quite like cruising along the Huangpu river, watching it light up in the night sky.

Shanghai Tower Visit:

Standing at 632 meters tall, the brand new Shanghai Tower makes its neighboring “Bottle Opener” skyscraper look small. Holding claim to the title of world’s second tallest building, Shanghai Tower is the cherry on top of the iconic Shanghai skyline cake. A trip to Shanghai Tower will not be complete without visiting its observation deck on the 118th floor. From up there, you will literally be seeing Shanghai from a bird’s eye view.

Night cycling through Shanghai:

One of Shanghai Summer School participants’ favourite activities in the past years is definitely night cycling through the city. On the night cycling tour, participants will explore hidden back alleys of the city and feel the wind in their hair as they continue down Nanjing Road, the main promenade of Shanghai, which then leads on to the Huangpu River embankment, where with a beer in hand, we enter a new day.


Karaoke, or KTV, is an indispensable part of Chinese culture. As the ancient Chinese saying goes – you haven’t visited China if you haven’t climbed the Great Wall or sang karaoke!  Chinese karaoke places serve a variety of beverages and snacks while you sing your hearts out, and you can choose to sing and dance to anything from Gangnam Style to the Spice Girls. There’s no party like a Chinese karaoke party!

Party like there is no Chinese class tomorrow:

At Shanghai Summer School, we work hard but play harder. With the cooperation of local club managers, you will find out what it means to “play hard” in this megacity. Nothing will prepare you for the nightlife you will experience in Shanghai.

Watch a football derby:

Imagine standing in a football stadium filled with 80,000 fans dressed in the respective colours of their football club, singing and chanting in support of their favourite teams – the atmosphere is electrifying. The derby match between Shanghai and capital city Beijing is an experience you’ll never forget!

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Shanghai Summer School - trip to Watertown
Shanghai Summer School - trip to Watertown
Shanghai Summer School - trip to Watertown
Shanghai Summer School - trip to Watertown

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