Traveling Makes You a Happier person:  When you think about spending your hard-earned money on traveling abroad, you might say to yourself, “I’m better off buying some shoes that will last me a long time”, but science says that it is actually quite the opposite. 

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We buy things to make us happy, but happiness lasts only for a short time as we quickly adapt to our new iPhone.

Dr. Thomas Gilovich from Cornell University says that we buy things to make us happy, but the happiness lasts only for a short time as we quickly adapt to our new iPhone, that new designer bag or any other material thing that we were dreaming about. Rather than that, the experiences that we have to make us much happier, in the long run, thanks to the beautiful memories that they create. 

Going abroad is one of those experiences that teach you so many things and opens your eyes to a whole new world. When you’re meeting people from the opposite side of the world, immersing yourself in new cultures and eating delicious food that you’ve never tried or heard of before, you will quickly see the value of going abroad. 


Having friends from across the world is worth so much more than that Yeezy purse that you see all over Instagram. 


Having friends from across the world is worth so much more than those Yeezy shoes that you see all over Instagram. Even when things don’t exactly go to plan while traveling, you will still come away with awesome stories to tell your friends and family about. Not only will those stories bring a smile to their faces, but you will also have a laugh about it as well. 

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A great way to combine learning and traveling is simply by signing up for a summer program or summer camp, which will get you out of your comfort zone and get you to interact with like-minded peers. You will surely make some lasting friendships and have an excuse to travel again in the future to visit them in their hometown. 

Doing a summer school abroad will even add more value to your travels as it plays an important role in your CV when applying for jobs. 


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To end things, the more you buy, the more you will continually want. No matter how much you like those new sneakers or shiny gold earrings, the reality is that they can be separated from you, while your experiences when traveling will shape your personality and become a part of who you are. 



Shanghai Summer School strives to provide you with a summer experience unlike any other. The summer school is primarily about learning the Chinese language in an immersive way, but it’s also about going out and discovering a new culture and making meaningful connections with its people. We would even go as far as to say that delving headfirst into the bustling metropolis of Shanghai will allow one to adopt a new and expanded worldview, and a deeper understanding of cultures different than our own.

The knowledge of new languages combined with heightened cultural sensitivity and awareness has become ever more important in the global world we live in today.

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